Saturday, September 25, 2010

2006 'China's PDM / PLM's top event will be held in Nanjing

The annual Chinese PDM / PLM's top event, "Innovation Management Innovation - 2006 'China's PDM / PLM Annual Meeting" will be September 24, 2006 Sheraton Hotel in Nanjing Jin Sili. The Annual Meetings are quick consultation in 2005 was successfully held in Nanjing, China 2005 PDM / PLM Annual Conference, at the second National PDM / PLM Summit.

There will then be more than 400 manufacturers from around the country, manufacturers, research institutes, consulting and intermediary service organizations and the media guests.

The 863-year plan by the national experts in the field of advanced manufacturing and automation guidance from the Commission and the China Management Science Society of Manufacturing Information Training Center in China, jointly organized Agile Consulting, "e Manufacturing" magazine, China's State Enterprise Network and the Chinese manufacturing industry PDM Certification Training Information Management Office co-host. On the theme of "PDM / PLM - Innovation Management Innovation", is the highest level of manufacturing information in the field, the largest and most far-reaching summit, on behalf of our manufacturing industries and the field of information technology PDM / PLM Technology application of the latest achievements and trends in China's manufacturing industry and information technology applications vane, on the PDM / PLM industry, manufacturing technology development and promotion of the effectiveness of enterprise applications has tremendous influence.

The annual meeting will be invited to the national ministries, local governments and other leaders, renowned experts in the field of information technology manufacturing, the typical well-known manufacturers, president and business success stories and other leaders gathered in Nanjing, CIO, focusing the Yangtze River Delta in the whole of China, and to "Innovation Management Innovation" as the theme for excellent speech, analyzing domestic and foreign advanced management ideas and management trends in the development and application published insights from all sides, for the manufacturing enterprise management innovation brainstorming! PM forums "PDM Vs ERP, PDM / PLM methodology - selection, implementation and applications", describes product features, application of technology to share the successful experience fully meet the individual needs of the audience.

The theme of the conference report in parallel with the forums, meetings held during the exhibition. For PDM / PLM related fields, government, industry, academia, business, gather together with reports and discussions of special topics, using reports or to speak freely combined with the expert way of comment. Well-known academics, senior consultant, successful enterprises on the standardization, application implementation, project consulting services, making the report; domestic PDM / PLM set point representative of the major vendors to introduce solutions and trends.

The Annual Meeting for the right business choice, implementation, application PDM / PLM, get the desired effect and efficiency, expanding PDM / PLM application, upgrade PDM / PLM value, will play a real role in promoting opportunity not to be missed !

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