Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dell wanted to say: timeless faith

Dell can be said that this week one of the most cause for concern, which lasted nearly 20 years of "direct Myth" was finally about to be broken. Zhongguancun computer in the city of the Pacific "Dell Outlet" in appearance, but also quite interesting.

The most eye-popping, however, I'm afraid to admit there last week, the management of Dell regularly revised to meet the financial targets financial results news.

The outside world can not help but wonder which of its founder Michael Dell has also played an inglorious role.

In order to prevent its market share continues to decline, to reproduce the brilliant Dell, Michael Dell in January of this year off to re-take over the company's CEO Kevin Rollins power. However, Dell was the next earnings report due late row, the SEC received several warnings, even in the face Nasdaq delisting risk.

Finally "绾稿寘涓嶄綇鐏? Dell last week to admit there between 2002 and early 2006 there have been some financial goals to achieve the results of human behavior modification. During this time, Michael Dell has been the Chairman of the Board of Directors, and 4 years 3 years is sitting Dell CEO position.

Created by Dell and the Dell 1984, the University of Texas dorm room started with a 1000 U.S. dollars, its direct sales model to Dell in less than 20 years, the rapid become the world's number one computer company. This is very worthy of admiration, yet recent events Queshi be exposed to a lot of success growing doubt its authenticity.

This is like a high academic achievers in primary school, accidentally spread a lie, but to cover up the lies, but had to use more lies to whitewash. Once the lies were finally exposed, its good image in people's minds will be followed collapsed.

This is probably the most reluctant to see Mr. Dell. So I would like to say that faith is never outdated.


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Friday, October 8, 2010

SanDisk to promote large-capacity iPod MP3 strong words

By the end of August, SanDisk has introduced the world's largest storage capacity MP3 player - Sansa e280. Furthermore, its pricing strategy is, in the exclusive advantage of Apple's iPod market capture large market.

Sansa e280 flash memory capacity of 8GB, and can be extended to 10GB, which shows that this new product can store up to 2500 songs. Sansa e280 is priced at 249.99 U.S. dollars, which is the price of Apple's iPod in the same file, but iPod's music storage capacity is only about half the Sansa e280.

SanDisk Corporation Audio / video product marketing director Eric Bone, said: "In the flash-based MP3 player, the most expensive component is the flash, because we manufacture flash memory products, they are basically reducing the cost of intermediate links and such directly reflect the cost savings to the final product. "

Sansa e280 from the Microsoft PlaysForSure, Rhapsody To Go, and many other sites to download digital entertainment content, while Apple's iPod only from the company's online store iTunes downloads. Sansa e280 also comes with FM radio tuner, but also voice and radio recording dialogue.

According to market research firm The NPD Group's data, SanDisk is the iPod's biggest competitor in the United States, second quarter 2006, the Sansa series MP3 player market share of 9.7%. NPD data show that Apple's market share in the MP3 player market share of 75.6%, Creative Labs and Samsung's market share was 4.3% and 2.5%.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

2006 'China's PDM / PLM's top event will be held in Nanjing

The annual Chinese PDM / PLM's top event, "Innovation Management Innovation - 2006 'China's PDM / PLM Annual Meeting" will be September 24, 2006 Sheraton Hotel in Nanjing Jin Sili. The Annual Meetings are quick consultation in 2005 was successfully held in Nanjing, China 2005 PDM / PLM Annual Conference, at the second National PDM / PLM Summit.

There will then be more than 400 manufacturers from around the country, manufacturers, research institutes, consulting and intermediary service organizations and the media guests.

The 863-year plan by the national experts in the field of advanced manufacturing and automation guidance from the Commission and the China Management Science Society of Manufacturing Information Training Center in China, jointly organized Agile Consulting, "e Manufacturing" magazine, China's State Enterprise Network and the Chinese manufacturing industry PDM Certification Training Information Management Office co-host. On the theme of "PDM / PLM - Innovation Management Innovation", is the highest level of manufacturing information in the field, the largest and most far-reaching summit, on behalf of our manufacturing industries and the field of information technology PDM / PLM Technology application of the latest achievements and trends in China's manufacturing industry and information technology applications vane, on the PDM / PLM industry, manufacturing technology development and promotion of the effectiveness of enterprise applications has tremendous influence.

The annual meeting will be invited to the national ministries, local governments and other leaders, renowned experts in the field of information technology manufacturing, the typical well-known manufacturers, president and business success stories and other leaders gathered in Nanjing, CIO, focusing the Yangtze River Delta in the whole of China, and to "Innovation Management Innovation" as the theme for excellent speech, analyzing domestic and foreign advanced management ideas and management trends in the development and application published insights from all sides, for the manufacturing enterprise management innovation brainstorming! PM forums "PDM Vs ERP, PDM / PLM methodology - selection, implementation and applications", describes product features, application of technology to share the successful experience fully meet the individual needs of the audience.

The theme of the conference report in parallel with the forums, meetings held during the exhibition. For PDM / PLM related fields, government, industry, academia, business, gather together with reports and discussions of special topics, using reports or to speak freely combined with the expert way of comment. Well-known academics, senior consultant, successful enterprises on the standardization, application implementation, project consulting services, making the report; domestic PDM / PLM set point representative of the major vendors to introduce solutions and trends.

The Annual Meeting for the right business choice, implementation, application PDM / PLM, get the desired effect and efficiency, expanding PDM / PLM application, upgrade PDM / PLM value, will play a real role in promoting opportunity not to be missed !

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Friday, September 17, 2010

2009 CAXA Ten News

2009, although the continuation of the financial crisis still raging, but CAXA the joint efforts of all staff in the "Industrial software" and "two of integration" under the guidance of national policy, in the community and the support of new and old customers, focus on opportunity to live active and innovative in business has been steady development of the company.
To make a long-term care and support CAXA friend CAXA a better understanding of the latest developments over the past year, we selected in 2009 an important impact on the development of the CAXA ten events, although it can not cover all, but interpreting the results of attention in 2009 . Summarize the past and look to the future, expect in 2010 CAXA further progress.

CAXA PLM application manifest fruits of steady growth
In 2009, Dongfang Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. started with CAXA digital manufacturing projects, reconstruction work together and build a world-class East vapor leaves the leaf factory processing center; June 12, Xi'an Shaanxi Power Co., Ltd. and CAXA drum held in Lintong CAPP project acceptance will; September 30, Xi'an Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. and held in Xi'an information CAXA project will start ... ... in 2009, CAXA PLM solutions and equipment, military, automotive, electronics and other areas got an in-depth and extensive application. Signing and acceptance of the project, including the North-Benz PDM / CAPP / PM, Beijing Power Equipment CAD / PDM, Tianjin sea synchronizer PDM, Shanghai open to environmental protection equipment, PLM, Jinzhou Halla Electrical PLM, Dongfeng Motor Wheel PLM, Hubei Shayang heavy machine tools PLM, Red China Changjiang National Shipping Group, Hong Kong-PLM, Shijiazhuang, China South Locomotive Group vehicles PLM, Chongqing Akita gear PLM, the Air Shen Fei DNC, Wuchang Shipyard, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry DNC, DNC, etc. Shanghai Aerospace Bureau.

CAXA digital teaching and training facility to create "unity schools and enterprises" Training new models
2009, CAXA successfully signed and start training base of public digital factory in Wuxi, Guangzhou Electrical and Mechanical Senior Technician School Digital Factory, Zhejiang Educational Technology Center, Jiaonan virtual reality teaching vocational education center, Daqing Vocational College Teaching digital design and manufacturing platform for other projects vocational training institutions to promote digital teaching mode, create a "unity of school and enterprise," the new high-skilled personnel training mode. By CAXA digital design and manufacturing teaching platform and digital training facility implementation of the project, the production moved into the school, achieving "schools that business, classroom or workshop, teachers or instructors, students or employees" of the personnel training methods, education and teaching career- oriented theory of case-based teaching, practical teaching project-oriented tasks, the completion of education and teaching to the real from the virtual to simulate zero-transition students to employees to achieve the zero change in the students skills and business requirements of seamless .

Promote the integration of two of the central leadership research Beijing Petroleum Machinery Factory
February 12, 2009, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, He Guoqiang, secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, secretary of the Central Committee, Comrade, He Yong, deputy secretary, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Minister Li Yi, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Li Rongrong, director and other leaders have come Beijing Petroleum Machinery Factory inspection of oil guidance. Liu Guanghua Stone Factory director of the North drove in among the top demo CAXA map based on the production documentation system to achieve paperless process, demonstrating the level of enterprise information construction. The inspection activities fully reflect the national leadership of the Beijing Petroleum Machinery Factory technological innovation and information technology focus, CAXA in support of Beijing Petroleum Machinery Factory product innovation and information technology made the construction of industrial software supplier, 8 years, Beijing has been supporting oil Machinery Factory actively involved in oil drilling equipment development and manufacturing of strategic partners.

Ministries and various industry associations leading inspection CAXA
June 11, 2009, the Ministry of Industry and Minister Li Yizhong thirteenth visit China International Software Expo CAXA, and listen to CAXA Dr. Lei Yi, president of domestic industries on the development of software and application reporting. 2009, CAXA as a domestic industrial leader in software, supported by the National Association of ministries and various industry leaders attach great importance and concern, Lu Yongxiang, vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee, Academician, Director of Press and Publication, National Copyright Administration Bureau Long Liu Binjie, Yan Xiaohong, deputy director and other leaders have visited CAXA. China Machinery Industry Federation executive vice president of Song Xiaogang, Gu Huaxiang Deputy Secretary General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China Heavy Machinery Industry Association Xiao Liqun Secretary-General of China General Machinery Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Qian Xiang and other leading industry associations are also visited and inspected CAXA .

CAXA actively support the Ministry of National Vocational Skills Competition 2009
June 27, 2009, the Ministry of Education National Vocational Skills Competition in CNC technology and vocational skill competitions in Tianjin Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Technology, had begun. Ministry of Education with the Adult Professional Education Department Deputy Director Liu, Zhicheng Jiao Ministry of Education Director of the Division consists of two steps, the Secretary for the Ministry of Education Zhicheng Jiao Cai Yan Deputy Director and other leaders attended the ceremony start. CAXA electronic drawing board, CAXA NC car, CAXA manufacturing engineers and four CAXA Network DNC software is the only designated this competition made use of CAD / CAM / DNC software. CAXA the same time assumed the machining center / CNC lathe work team tournament entry proposition. This is the third consecutive Labour CNCC specify CAXA software has been re-specify the use of national skills competition CAXA software. The competition aims to further deepen the reform of vocational education, actively promote the combination of engineering, school and enterprise, internship training model of vocational education personnel.

Chinese engineering industry's largest software industry consortium set up BLM
July 17, 2009, by the Guanglianda, Tengen software and CAXA three companies launched the Chinese construction industry, the Commonwealth of software industry (China BLM) announced in Beijing, the National Copyright Administration Wang Ziqiang Secretary, Ministry of Industry and Wang Shaopeng Department Long, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Construction and other countries Miao Umeki leading ministries, Survey and Design Institute of China Prince cattle industry associations such as the leadership of Deputy Secretary-General attended the conference. Consortium of three companies launched the product directly to the user the total number of 200 million, is the largest engineering construction industry, software industry alliance, which is China's construction, design, and CAD platform software service leader for the first time join hands for the construction of China provide for the construction industry life cycle (BLM) of the overall information technology solutions. BLM Chinese architecture life cycle solutions ranging from project decision-making, design, procurement, construction and operation and maintenance phase of a complete, CAXA will focus on BLM data interoperability platform and two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD platform.

"Two of Integration and Innovation in China" roving seminar successfully held in the country
September 15, 2009, "two of the integration of innovation in China - 2009 Domestic Software Industry Development Forum and CAXA new experience tour" in Wuhan Lake View Garden Hotel, Lake House, had begun, from Hubei Province, Wuhan, Xiangfan, Yellowstone, Jiangmen, Shiyan, Suizhou more than 100 companies and other places for people to come together to evaluate the efficacy of industrial software and enterprise information technology development. Since then, the roving seminars in Shanghai, Shijiazhuang, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Harbin, Shenyang, Changchun, Dalian, Luoyang, Taiyuan successfully held across the country. The seminar tour has been widespread community concern and active participation of each activity by the local committee by letter and support the leadership of industry associations. Through this communication and exchange platform for governments, enterprises and software vendors, Trinity, China's industrial enterprises to work together to improve the level of information technology to enhance the company's product innovation capabilities.

CAXA to build a new system of industrial software training certification
October 21, 2009, China's largest industrial CAD and PLM software vendors CAXA and have many years of software experience in vocational training certification through the design of Jade Palace Hotel in Beijing held a grand press conference CAXA education and training certification program. This is the first software vendors build domestic industry specialization, market-based certification system of the original manufacturers software training program, creating a domestic industrial software, learning, research, application, employment, further learning in the Training Mode first of its kind for China's software industry Training and Certification System and the domestic industry's healthy development of the software industry chain opened a new page. China Machinery Industry Federation executive vice president of Song Xiaogang, Beijing Institute of Engineering Drawing Shangfeng Wu Professor of the Secretary-General, Ministry of Higher Education mechanical design and manufacture specialty release Song of the Steering Committee members of the senior engineer, the Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Education, National NC Skills Competition expert Professor Yang Weiqun attended the conference.

CAXA Beijing was awarded the first "demonstration zone of Zhongguancun Innovation Innovative Enterprise"
December 2009, CAXA by the Beijing Municipal People's Government, Ministry of Science and Technology and Chinese Academy of Sciences, "100 innovative pilot enterprises" pilot acceptance, Beijing was awarded the first "demonstration zone of Zhongguancun innovation innovative enterprises". 2009, CAXA focus on CAD and PLM software industry, in the two-dimensional CAD, 3D CAD, product lifecycle management PLM, product development and marketing has achieved fruitful results. Its technology leadership and market share will always be in the leading domestic level. CAXA has won the 2008, 2009, industrial software Youxiuqiye the Chinese Software industry the most growth in power companies, domestic CAD based software platform and 涓撲笟 contribution Jiang, live Jian engineering survey and design part in a national quality award, China Manufacturing Information Tuchugongxian so Xiliejiangxiang These awards are the community CAXA adhere to independent innovation, China's CAD and PLM industry leader in full recognition software.

CAXA has already accumulated 56 patents and copyright, and patent applications 74
As of the end of 2009, CAXA has accumulated has 56 copyrights and 74 patents and patent applications, licensed software sold over 300,000 units. April 2009, approved by Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office finds that, CAXA Beijing patent pilot obtained a certificate of competency. 2008 CAXA appeared in the "Beijing patent pilot unit", CAXA with outstanding performance in the patents and intellectual property achievements made by the Beijing Intellectual Property Bureau of rigorous acceptance test, become eligible enterprises in Beijing patent pilot . CAXA As a leading CAD and PLM industry software provider, have complete independent intellectual property rights of the series of CAD, CAPP, CAM, DNC, PDM, MPM and other software products and a complete PLM solution was selected by Beijing patent pilot assessment, both on R & D capabilities and intellectual property rights CAXA great positive advantages, but also on the further lead the domestic CAXA CAD and PLM software innovation and development of industry best incentive.


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Thursday, August 5, 2010

SIP protocol is how the agreement is better than H.323? (2)

H.323 protocol in the enterprise is still in a prominent position

Clearly, the use H.323 protocol can not create such a service. This agreement can not be modified. Therefore, it is most flexible and feature-rich enterprise software are using H.323 systems. Although SIP is mature, but, H.323 still continue to apply, as some popular H.323 TDM system is currently in the process are still using the same. Most companies continue to develop H.323 and SIP solutions to the most effective use of the advantages of each protocol and provide some options for enterprise communications.

It should be noted that, although the H.323 as a protocol is already quite mature, but the agreement is still a lack of compatible equipment from multiple vendors function. However, H.323 protocol very good start, extended feature set has reached hundreds. Therefore, in the call center and have a high degree of personalized enterprise dial plans, H.323 protocol first start of the advantages of not going away. Most of the current enterprise applications are using the H.323 VoIP protocol, but as the service providers to develop SIP-based hosted telephony solutions, SIP phone demand in a relatively simple small office environment will be very rapid growth .

SIP to get momentum

Although the application of SIP in the enterprise is not as widespread as H.323, but it has begun a growth momentum, service providers are the backbone transmission lines business and consumer VoIP communications. Service providers in the proposed purchase of new equipment are proposed to use SIP technology, they are to soft switching transition. Softswitch can quickly build and cut off the proxy server, SIP clients and PSTN gateway connection between the telephone. SIP also enables service providers to provide outsourcing services. Using TDM or H.323 technology is not possible to provide outsourcing services. Such as voice mail or conferencing systems can be integrated as components into the network perimeter using the SIP protocol in the enterprise PBX, as service providers create new revenues and to outsource non-strategic businesses the choice of components.

Although SIP is considered a mature protocol, but it is not as standard as 100% perfect. Standard still under development, especially in the privacy and security, in the foreseeable future, this agreement will continue to strengthen the function. SIMPLE protocol infrastructure and more appropriate decision-making need to solve the IETF.

While the H.323 protocol VoIP application in the future will continue to play an important role, but, SIP protocol applications have become popular again. This basic agreement itself has been made not to promote the application of business decision-making factors, decision-making are mainly based on business and application environment to make. Depending on the application, this agreement or the agreement may be more meaningful. However, in many environments, will accommodate both the location of the agreement!

Early-to see the value of SIP protocol is an open standard used in enterprise environments, and does not depend on any device and flexible agreement. Many other users are using the SIP protocol where necessary as a complement to their H.323 environment.

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Zhang Lijun: Hundred Days made hundreds of millions of wealth

Hidden behind the state-owned joint-stock company for many years Zhang Lijun, the operation is to create a capital master of sudden wealth are also hard to believe the myth

First Video Group President and Party Secretary Zhang Lijun, sitting upright security interests of Hong Kong International (hereinafter referred to Yanion International, 0082.HK) between the two directors. Not long ago, the latter with a 240 million dollar cost of the acquisition of the first video Zhang Lijun, a subsidiary of Group of 24.99% stake, and to Zhang Lijun become the majority shareholder Yanion International.

But give the world a surprise, only in more than 100 days ago, the first video of this Group's subsidiary, the net asset value actually only 20 million, the annual loss of several million dollars. Hong Kong An international lavish benefits ex post, as the acquired party, Zhang Lijun in the hands of "the first video group" has become a company with 1.5 billion Hong Kong dollars worth of the company.

Hidden behind the state-owned joint-stock company for many years Zhang Lijun, the operation is to create a capital master of sudden wealth are also hard to believe that myth.

Son inserted down the door

"I am now, as the acquired party, became the executive director of the International Security benefits, I was down the door of the son of the plug." Zhang Lijun, had a very vivid example.

Mergers and acquisitions reached under the previous framework, the benefits of international security will be the price of 0.63 Hong Kong dollars per share, issued 385 million new shares (representing the total diluted equity interest An International 33.5%), the first video for the purchase of Digital Media Technology Co., Ltd. (the said TMD1, one of the first video Group subsidiary) 24.99% stake. The Group will therefore be the first video security interests first 240 million dollar international financing support.

After completion of the acquisition, holding 49% TMD1 stake Zhang Lijun, will enjoy the benefits indirectly 25.9% stake in the international security and international security to become the majority shareholder interest. Time, Zhang Lijun net worth will be close to 400 million Hong Kong dollars. Its first video, the Group will take this landed in Hong Kong main board and become a total market value of up to 1.5 billion Hong Kong dollars in the online video advertising media group.

Zhang Lijun, 43, graduated from Nankai University in Tianjin, China. In addition to the international executive director of benefit security, the first video outside of the Group Chairman of the Board, Mr. Zhang is also Chairman of the Development Committee of China Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, APEC China Enterprises members of the Assembly and President of International Communications.

Before that, Zhang Lijun, who is also in the interests of the international economy has been Group (founded in 1993, the state-owned group of companies) Chairman of the Board, and Transit Communications Industry Group (mainly engaged in telecom operators and value-added services) President. "I was the first party secretary of the video group." Zhang said.

Simple and practical conversation, Zhang Lijun always implied from time to time: he is the leader of state-owned enterprises. In fact, Mr. Zhang is also a hidden behind the outstanding state-owned enterprises in the business.

Party secretary and businessman

Accumulation of wealth is always a businessman can not stop working. While making the rich may be able to evaluate the speed of whether the business Outstanding. Zhang Lijun, the world economy has a doctorate, is absolutely extraordinary businessman bit.

Zhang Lijun, the first video Group was established in June 1, 2005 with registered capital of 101.5 million yuan. One of China Association of Social Workers, Zhang Lijun personal and transit Communications Group owns 47.3%, respectively, 46.3,6.4% interest.

China Social Work Association is registered with Ministry of Civil Affairs of the national community organizations. "In fact the first video group is hanging in the name of the Chinese Association of Social Workers." A source told reporters, Zhang Lijun, as the primary transit system Communications Group founder, so enjoy the 52.7% interest in substantially Zhang Lijun, in A video group has a critical voice.

Zhang Lijun why cooperation with the China Social Work Association, the first video, and the reason it seems very simple. Appears in Zhang Lijun, a private company to cross the domestic media industry qualification and licensing threshold cumbersome, time costs and money costs are out of control.

Now turn around and looked, Zhang Lijun, a strategy with state-owned enterprises, the success of a mess: with the China Social Work Association to cooperate in 5 months, Zhang Lijun, a number of private media successfully got the power can not match the qualifications and licensing.

"In December 2005 the first online video site, I am a low profile." Zhang Lijun said, "I was all the network operators to apply for permission before opening the door for qualification."

Fortune shortcut in teaching

There have been asked Zhang Lijun, the first video nowadays similar group of Internet companies, are often subject to several rounds of venture capital back to the market, why the first video prior to listing, the Group does not accept any risk investment? Mr. Zhang replied that, without introducing risk investment, step by step and do the direct market, it read like a college boy class, you can move faster than others.

Fact seems to be true. He seems to be determined at the outset, so that tens of thousands of bits Kaiwai Alexa ranking first video, step onto Yanion International and the Hong Kong main board.

Formally launched in the first few months after the video Web site, performance at the low ebb Yanion International, and Zhang Lijun reached the merger agreement, to ease the security benefits from the pressure of international investors. And Zhang Lijun, also took the opportunity to leap into the Hong Kong main board listed Yanion International shareholder.

An international long benefits listed in Hong Kong. The design of its main business in investment holding, Chinese manufacturing, trade and contracting.

In recent years, several major benefits An international investment have little effect and lead to a loss year after year. 2005, Yi An international re-loss more than 6700 million Hong Kong dollars, the company has net assets of less than 17 million Hong Kong dollars even. The deadline to December 31, 2005 three years before, the interests of international security has never been declared to shareholders or pay dividends.

Pressure from shareholders, may be beneficial to introduce the first video An International group and rushed the root causes of Zhang Lijun.

Currently, the establishment of the first video Group 4 subsidiaries: TMD1, Beijing Gold Technology Development Co., Ltd. Cayman (hereinafter TMD2), Beijing Hongyu Hao Shuang Advertising Limited (TMD3) and the Beijing Internet era entertainment and cultural development Limited (TMD4).

In the four subsidiaries, TMD2, TMD3, TMD4 other three subsidiaries by the China Social Work Association and co-owned transit communications, 3 total registered capital of 1.1 million yuan. The registered capital of 100 million yuan of TMD1 (Zhang Lijun, 49%, China Social Work Association, 46% stake, Zhongtian communications holding 5%), international security is beneficial to spend 240 million Hong Kong dollars to the subject of mergers and acquisitions.

Yi-an international mergers and acquisitions in the relevant notice on said first video Group has entered into with the TMD1 total agreement for 50 years. Accordingly the agreement, TMD1 in the next 50 years, will be the first exclusive video group video technical support and service, and the right to obtain the first video media, telecommunications value-added services for all groups over 60% of revenue.

"The 25.99% TMD1 equity valuation, or the first video out of the Group to consider future prospects and other aspects which have come." He Weigang Yi An international consultant on the "Financial Times" reporter.

In view of this, Yi-an international 240 million Hong Kong dollars in the acquisition of a large one, perhaps only 50 years of gambling in the general agreement on the. The Group's future earnings to the first video, it seems no one can guarantee.

Reporter from the relevant channels, in the whole 2005, TMD1 to cover all staff salaries, allowances and other costs, but more than 20 million yuan. The Yanion International in August 18 of the circular is also disclosed, TMD1 on April 30, 2006 the net assets of only 222,000 yuan.

This calculation, Zhang Lijun, the equivalent of more than 100 days in this period of time, will be more than 20 million yuan of net assets onto the Hong Kong main board, and in exchange for 240 million Hong Kong dollars of real money. Although the result of mergers and acquisitions become a "back door plug-law," but Dr. Zhang Lijun of the sacrifice is still quite cost-effective.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Happy the Man" fax replacement, enable EastFax

Well-known manufacturer of jelly "Happy the Man" fax system has headquarters in Shenzhen a comprehensive update, replace the old fax system, fully opening EastFax fax system.

Guangdong Xizhilang Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1993, is the world's largest professional production and sales jelly pudding and other snack food companies, with "The Joy of the Boy" and "Crystal Love", "CICI", "good old days", etc. well-known brands. Xizhilang Group, based in Shenzhen, in mainland China, Hong Kong, more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions to establish more than 40 branch offices throughout the country established a sound sales network, products are exported to Europe, North America and South East Asia Overseas market.

Xizhilang sales network all over the country and between headquarters orders, contracts and other fax is very much the business enterprise has been basically achieved full electronic processing, have long been applied to a set of other brands of fax system, but the application process due to features, services, imperfect, to be elected for other brands. In the alternative selection, the Xizhilang withdraw to avoid recurrence of similar incidents, the supplier is cautious, studied for a long time has been selected EastFax.

EastFax fax server on his professional, concise, easy to use product features, relying on word of mouth between users, the version the user has reached hundreds of thousands of people were, and are exported to overseas market leading fax server giant in the nation. EastFax in government agencies, logistics, manufacturing, tourism services, import and export trade, industry and other fields, has made many successful cases, accumulated rich experience. EastFax professional paperless fax solutions have been recognized by many companies, more and more of the world's five hundred enterprises in China have implemented a EastFax, while a greater number of SMEs are EastFax found for their products, the line The paperless fax application sector is the general trend.

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